Eyes to her soul


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Eyes to her soul is an art print of my original mixed media piece created with pencil, ink and gold acrylic paint.

I went through a phase where I got slightly obsessed with head wraps. You can see it on my other piece Untitled and so I went in to this piece purely to add a head piece with gold paint (got a bit obsessed with that too!) but what I didn’t really think about was how I was going to add the facial details. And after staring it for a VERY long time I decided to go with no eyes. I actually added them initially but as soon as I did the piece lacked depth and soul. As soon as I removed them the piece looked complete.

Isn’t it funny how the lack of something can speak to us more than having something completely finished?

Some times I still wonder if did the right thing by not finishing her face, but as soon as I look at it, I know it is beautifully unfinished.

This piece is available in print sizes A5, A4 and A3.


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