Thank goodness it is finished!

Thank goodness it is finished!

That is exactly how I felt about my market stall at Fed Square.

For about 2 days.

Why? You ask. Mostly because I spent the entire weekend freezing my tooshie off and then the next 2 days recovering from a slight cold.

But now that I am recovered, I think of all the learns I had and the amazing experience it was and think wow, I was one lucky girl to have had the opportunity to be there and honestly it was so much fun! Plus the veggie dumplings were so delicious.

So what did I learn?

Well, firstly that I should listen to Sam (my fiancé) more often (how annoying..). If it wasn’t for him pushing me to create greeting cards, I wouldn’t have had them and then I wouldn’t have had a product that I sold a lot of! I Had no idea that they would be so popular.

Secondly, to always expect the unexpected. Or better yet, just to have no expectations at all. It allows for an even more enjoyable experience!

For example the picture below was the most popular piece on the both days and honestly I would never have picked it! Was it because it was beautifully framed and on show? Was it because the piece seemed to speak to so many people in many different ways. Or was it because of the technique? To be honest, I think it was either one of those things or all of them.

Message in a bottle


But thirdly and most importantly I learned so much about myself. I went in to the event excited, but maybe didn’t want to admit to myself how nervous I was. It helped greatly that I had so much support from all the people that came to visit me but mostly from Anli and Scott (who ran the stall with me).

I watched Anli with great intent that Saturday, my artist friend who had her art on display as well. She exuded such a calm and confident manner. She seemed to be at ease with talking about her pieces and I loved listening to her. It made me realise that even though I love chatting to people, I don’t particularly like describing my artwork. I never know whether I’m saying too much and completely killing the mystery or if people actually want to know what on earth I was thinking when I decided to not give my female figure any arms…or eyes.

I did end up relaxing a lot more throughout the weekend. Shame however, that it was by late Sunday arvo when it was bucketing down rain and there weren’t many people around but maybe that was why!

None the less, there were so many lessons learnt, the above are only a few.

And finally…

Would I do something like this again?

Yeah, of course! With a couple of conditions, however.

One, I wouldn’t do 2 days again in a row.

Two, never in the cold and outside. Ever again. I may bend on rule number one, but definitely not on number two!

It was bloody hard work prepping for this festival and I thoroughly enjoyed most of it. I loved connecting with so many new people about not only my art but life in general. I loved that I threw myself in to it with everything I had and tried something new. And I loved that so many friends and family came to visit and support me. That was amazing and I love you all!

After all the beautiful compliments I received over the 2 days from countless strangers and people I knew, I am sure of one thing. I am more than 100% proud to be an artist and even prouder of what I create. It spurs me on to create more, for not only myself but most importantly to share with the world. It gives me the confidence to pursue this dream at full speed!

Isn’t it amazing what a weekend of putting yourself out there can do for the soul? It seemed like a crazy idea in the beginning, yet now that it is over and I have had time to mull it over, it was definitely one of the best experiences so far in my art journey.

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